Bibliographies on Population & Environment Issues
Last updated: 04/11/00
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Type of Resource Database
Title Popline: Population and Health Bibliographic Database
Author Center for Communications Programs
Affiliation Johns Hopkins University
Url http://conbio.rice.edu/cohosts/popenvironment/Popline/newPopLine.cfm
Peer Review No Peer Review Process
Abstract Searchable database of bibliographic subjects related to population.  Database contains over 11,000 entries.


Type of Resource Bibliography
Title Population and Environment Relationships in Developing Countries: Literature Survey and Research Bibliography
Author Catherine Marquette and Richard Bilsborrow
Affiliation Christian Michelsen Institute, Norway (Marquette), Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina, U.S.A. (Bilsborrow)
Url http://www.cnie.org/pop/marquette/Marque2a.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Extensive and fully annotated bibliography produced for the United Nations in 1993 on research on population-environment linkages in developing countries. Includes an overview of conceptual approaches and narrative sections on: carrying capacity and macro models, agricultural land, forests, urban areas, and freshwater resources. Also includes general recommendations on research.

Type of Resource Bibliography
Title People, Numbers & Impacts
Author Compiled by: Pamela LeRoy. Editor: Robert Engelman
Affiliation Population Action International
Url http://www.cnie.org/pop/paibin/paibibover.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "What follows is an annotated bibliography of recent scientific and policy-related literature on population and the environment, selected and abstracted by one organization concerned with the linkage. Population Action International is a research and advocacy group founded in the conviction that continued population growth poses substantial risks to human well-being, and that this growth can be slowed through policies that enhance individual freedom and well-being. Our selection of publications is based not on their agreement with these convictions, however, but on the literature's scientific rigor, factual integrity and attention to the linkages among population, consumption, sustainable development and environmental issues. We have attempted in brief abstracts to state as concisely as possible the essential point or subject of each publication."

Type of Resource Bibliography
Title Sustainable Development/ Economics-Population Bibliography
Author Tom Tietenberg
Affiliation Colby College
Url http://www.colby.edu/personal/thtieten/pop.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Bibliography on subjects related to population. References cover subject areas such as: population, food, economics, fertility, demographics, environment, watersheds, climate change, energy and immigration. Specific areas/countries cited include: Sweden, Rwanda, Egypt, Singapore, Zaire, China, Australia, New Zealand, US.