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Energy Bibliography provided by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Environmental Route Net

Type of Resource Report
Title International Energy Outlook 1998: With Projections Through 2020
Author Energy Information Administration
Affiliation U.S. Department of Energy
Url http://www.eia.doe.gov/oiaf/ieo98/home.html
Peer Review Internal Review Process
Abstract Presents an assessment by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) of the Outlook for international energy markets through 2020. The report is provided as a statistical service to energy managers and analysts, both in government and in the private sector. The projections are used by international agencies, Federal and State governments, trade associations, and other planners and decisionmakers. The report includes country groupings and per capita energy data. Includes:

Type of Resource Report Chapter
Title Earth Summit +5: Sustainable Enery
Author Food and Agricultural Organization
Affiliation United Nations
Url http://www.fao.org/WAICENT/FAOINFO/SUSTDEV/EPdirect/EPre0036.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract A chapter of a 1997 UN report looking at progress towards sustainable energy five years after the 1992  United Nations Confrence on Environment and Development (UNCED - the "Earth Summit") in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Type of Resource 43 Nontechnical Reports
Title Briefing Reports on Issues Related to Energy
Author Various
Affiliation Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Url http://www.cnie.org/nle/crseng.html
Peer Review Internal Review Process
Abstract Reports are produced as nonpartisan briefing documents for the U.S. Congress.
Continually updated

New & Updated Reports

Renewable Energy: Tax Credit, Budget, and Electricity Restructuring Issues (12/9/99~16p.)
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (10/18/99~11 p.~2 sec.)
Outer Continental Shelf: Oil and Gas Leasing and Revenue (10/15/99 ~ 8p.)
Magnetic Fusion: The DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Program (10/7/99~24p.)
Energy Efficiency: Budget, Climate Change, and Electricity Restructuring Issues (10/6/99~15p. in 3 sections)
Nuclear Energy Policy (10/4/99~13 p.~2 sec.)
Electricity: The Road Toward Restructuring (10/1/99~13p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Electricity Restructuring and Air Quality: Comparison of Proposed Legislation (9/28/99~4p.)
Automobile and Light Truck Fuel Economy: Is CAFE Up to Standards? (9/17/99~8 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Department of Energy: Programs and Reorganization Proposals (9/17/99~32p.) diamond.gif (870 bytes) 160 KB
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Global Climate Change: Lowering Cost Estimates through Emissions Trading - Some Dynamics and Pitfalls (8/20/99~2p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Electric Power and the Year 2000 Computer Problem (8/10/99~6p.)
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: A Fact Sheet (8/3/99~2 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Renewable Energy and Electricity Restructuring (7/20/99~4p.)
Electricity Restructuring: The Implications for Air Quality (7/16/99~40 p.)
Electricity Restructuring: Comparison of H.R. 667 and S. 516 (6/16/99~7p.)
Renewable Energy: Key to Sustainable Energy Supply (5/27/99~10p.)
Sulfur in Gasoline(5/20/99~6p.)
Renewable Energy: DOE's Funding and Markets for Wind Energy and Solar Cell Technologies (5/14/99~12 p. in 2 sections)
Electricity Restructuring Bills: A Comparison of PURPA Provisions (4/7/99~5p.)
Electricity: The Road Toward Restructuring (2/23/99~13p.)
Appropriations for FY2000: Energy and Water Development (2/16/99~16p.)
Methane Hydrates: Energy Prospect or Natural Hazard? (2/8/99 ~ 3p.)
Amtrak and Energy Conservation: Background and Selected Public Policy Issues (1/19/99 ~ 4p.)
Restructuring DOE and Its Laboratories: Issues in the 105th Congress (1/14/99 ~ 14p. in 2 sections)
Electric Utility Restructuring: Overview of Basic Policy Questions (1/7/99 ~ 25p.)
Electricity Restructuring Background: Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 (PUHCA) (1/7/99 ~ 5p.)
Renewable Energy: Key to Sustainable Energy Supply (12/31/98 ~ 10p.)
Energy Efficiency: Key to Sustainable Energy Use? (11/27/98~12 p. in 2 sections)
Department of Energy FY1999 Research and Development Budget: Description and Analysis (11/23/98~26 p.in 4 sections)
Electricity: The Road Toward Restructuring (10/28/98~13 p.~2 sec.)
The Department of Energy's Tritium Production Program (9/10/98~12 p.)
Magnetic Fusion: The DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Program (8/3/98~24 p.)
Civilian Nuclear Waste Disposal (7/24/98~16 p.)
Electric Restructuring: Comparison of S.1401, H.R. 655, H.R. 1230, S.722, and H.R. 1960 (7/16/98~11 p.)
Alcohol Fuels Tax Incentives: Current Law and Proposed Changes (5/7/98~5p.)
Electric Utility Restructuring: Implications for Electricity R&D (3/31/98~6 p.)
Department of Energy: Fossil Energy Programs (1/98~42 p. in 4 sections.)
Renewable Energy: Key to Sustainable Energy Supply (1/7/1998 ~10 p.)
The Department of Energy FY1998 Research and Development Budget and Issues (12/3/97 ~ 14 p.)
Power Marketing Administrations: Reassessing the Federal Role (10/15/97 ~12 p.)
Gasoline Excise Tax--Historical Revenues: Fact Sheet (9/16/97 ~ 2 p.)
The Department of Energy's FY1998 Budget (9/9/97 ~ 12 p.)
Nitrogen Oxides and Electric Utilities: Revising the NSPS (7/25/97~6p.)
Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel (3/27/97 ~ 15 p.)
Privatizing the United States Enrichment Corporation (1/21/97 ~ 11 p.)
The Department of Energy's FY1997 Budget (12/3/96 ~ 12 p.)
Fossil Energy Research and Development: Whither Coal? (11/20/96 ~ 11 p.)
Energy and Water Development: Appropriations for FY1997 (10/8/96 ~ p.)
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (9/5/96 ~ 15 p.)
World Solar Summit: Launching The World Renewable Energy Program (8/1/96~13p. 2 sections)
The Convention on Nuclear Safety: A Fact Sheet (5/16/96 ~ 2 p.)
EURATOM and the United States: Renewing the Agreement for Nuclear Cooperation (4/26/96 ~ 9 p.)
The Naval Petroleum Reserves: Proposed Sale and Issues (3/14/96 ~ p.)
Alternative Transportation Fuels and Clean Gasoline: Background and Regulatory Issues (1/17/96 ~ 14 p.)
World Oil Production After Year 2000: Business as Usual or Crisis? (8/18/95 ~ 16 p.)
Implementation of the Reformulated Gasoline Program (8/1/95 ~ 25 p.)
West Coast Oil Exports (7/31/95 ~ 7 p.)
Hydrogen: Technology and Policy (4/28/95 ~ 18 p.)
Tax Incentives for Alcohol Fuels (2/9/95 ~ 6 p.)
DOE Environmental Technology Development - A Fact Sheet (3/11/94 ~ 2 p.)
High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal - A Fact Sheet (11/4/93 ~ 2 p.)
Implementing SO2 Allowance Trading: Implications of Transaction Costs and Taxes (3/12/93 ~ 7 p.)

Type of Resource Report
Title The Hidden Benefits of Climate Policy: Reducing Fossil Fuel Use Saves Lives Now
Author World Resources Institute
Affiliation World Resources Institute
Url http://www.wri.org/health/ghg-note.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "The first study ever to look at the global short-term health impact of fossil fuel consumption projects significant consequences for people's health and mortality worldwide." Includes:
  • Overview
  • Particulates and Health
  • Two Climate Scenarios
  • Comparing the Projections
  • Health Impact
  • A Global Problem
  • The Need for a Global Solution
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Endanger the Public's Health Today

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