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Type of Resource Databases
Title FAOSTAT Databases
Author Food and Agriculture Organization
Affiliation United Nations
Url http://apps.fao.org/cgi-bin/nph-db.pl?subset=agriculture
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Set of 17 agricultural databases and one population database. Includes individual country and regional data for 1961 - 1996. Includes: Irrigation and Population Annual Time Series.

Type of Resource 82 Short Reports + 82 Data Tables
Author Food and Agriculture Administration (FAO)
Affiliation United Nations
Url http://www.fao.org/WAICENT/FaoInfo/Agricult/AGL/AGLW/AQUASTAT/AQUASTAT.HTM
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract AQUASTAT is an information system on water in agriculture and rural development. It produces regional analyses and country profiles on water resources development, with emphasis on irrigation and drainage. Site presents a description of the rural water situation in 53 countries of the African continent and the 29 countries of the Near East region with relevant tables and maps. Also French and Espanol. Counties include: Afghanistan (Tables), Algeria (Tables), Angola (F) (Tables), Bahrain (Tables), Benin (F) (Tables), Botswana (Tables), Burkina Faso (F), Burundi (F) (Tables), Cameroon (F) (Tables), Cape Verde (F) (Tables), Central African Republic (F) (Tables), Chad (F), Comores (F) (Tables), Congo (F) (Tables), Côte d'Ivoire (F) (Tables), Cyprus (Tables), Djibouti (Tables), Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea (Tables), Ethiopia (Tables), Gabon (F) (Tables), Gambia (Tables), Ghana (Tables), Guinea (F) (Tables), Guinea-Bissau (F), Iran (Tables), Iraq (Tables), Jordan (Tables), Kenya (Tables), Kuwait (Tables), Kyrgyzstan (Tables) Lebanon (Tables), Lesotho (Tables), Liberia (Tables), Libya (Tables), Madagascar (F) (Tables), Malawi, Mali (F) (Tables), Malta (Tables), Mauritania (Tables), Mauritius (Tables), Morocco (Tables), Mozambique (Tables), Namibia (Tables), Niger (F) (Tables), Nigeria (Tables), Oman (Tables), Pakistan (Tables), Qatar (Tables), Rwanda (F) (Tables), Sao Tome & Principe (F), Saudi Arabia (Tables), Senegal (F) (Tables), Seychelles (Tables), Sierra Leone (Tables), Somalia (Tables), South Africa (Tables), Sudan (Tables), Swaziland, (Tables), Syria (Tables), Tanzania (Tables), Tajikistan, Togo (F) (Tables), Tunisia (Tables), Turkey (Tables), Turkmenistan (Tables), United Arab Emirates, Uganda (Tables), Yemen (Tables), Zaire (F) (Tables), Zambia (Tables), Zimbabwe (Tables). (F) = in French only.

Type of Resource Article
Title Is Agriculture Raiding South Asia's Water Supplies? Water Scarcity and Water Reform in South Asia
Author 2020 VISION News & Views, April 1995
Affiliation International Food Policy Research Institute
Url http://www.cgiar.org/ifpri/2020/newslet/nv_0495/nv_0495a.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "Water is increasingly scarce around the world. In South Asia, where half of the world's poor live, international water conflicts are brewing and riots over water are taking place with increasing frequency. Many researchers, environmentalists, and others believe that agriculture is using more than its fair share of the resource. Around the world and in South Asia, agriculture, on average, uses about 80 percent of the water supply in a given country."

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