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How population effects the water quality and life of lakes and ponds, and how the presence and quality of lakes effect people.

Type of Resource Maps, Satellite images, Summary text
Title Environmental Aspects of the African Great Lakes Area
Author Global Resources Information Database
Affiliation United Nations Environment Programme
Url http://grid2.cr.usgs.gov/greatlakes/
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Information on the region which includes Lake Victoria, Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika, includes:

Type of Resource Bibliography
Title Lake Management and Planning Resources
Author Minnesota Lakes Association
Affiliation Minnesota Lakes Association
Url http://www.mnlakesassn.org/
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract A compilation of 600 publications, audiovisual materials, environmental educational curriculums, online resources, professional services, state natural resource management programs, technical reports, national organizations, government agencies and international contacts related to lake management and planning. Emphasis is on state of Minnesota. Includes sections on: Acid Rain, Algae, Aquatic Plants, Conservation, Environmental Education Resources, Forestry, Lake Associations, Laws/Legal Issues, Minnesota Rivers, Outdoor Recreation, Primers, Septic Systems, Stormwater Management, Water Quality Monitoring & Management, Wells, Agriculture & Water Quality, Aquaculture, Boating, Exotic Species, Fisheries, Human Health, Lake Management & Planning, Loons, Non-point Source Pollution, Permits, Real Estate, Shoreland Management, Water Quality Standards, Watershed Management, Wetlands, and Zoning.

Type of Resource Chapter
Title Lakes
Author Florida Internet Community for Understanding Sustainability
Affiliation University of South Florida: School of Architecture and Community Planning
Url http://www.arch.usf.edu/ficus/ecosyst/freshwat/fr-lake.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "Florida has almost 8,000 freshwater lakes covering about six percent of its surface. Most are small (less than 16 acres) and relatively shallow (less than 30 feet deep). Wetlands and floodplains form a vital part of lake ecosystems, just as they do with rivers: these areas control flooding, support fisheries, and filter out sediments and pollutants before they reach the

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