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Type of Resource 4 Reports + Summaries
Title Population change-natural resources-environment linkages in east and southeast Asia
Author Alain Marcoux
Affiliation United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
Url http://www.undp.org/popin/fao/faohome.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process

Type of Resource 16 Nontechnical Reports
Title Briefing Reports on Issues Related to General Natural Resources
Author Various
Affiliation Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Url http://www.cnie.org/nle/crsnrgen.html
Peer Review Internal Review Process
Abstract Reports are produced as nonpartisan briefing documents for the U.S. Congress.

All Reports

diamond.gif (870 bytes) United States Fire Administration: An Overview (8/6/99~6p.) new_sm.gif (315 bytes)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Federal Land and Resources Management: A List of Internet Resources (7/15/99~6p.) new_sm.gif (315 bytes)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Conserving Land Resources: The Clinton Administration Initiatives and Legislative Action (7/8/99~6p.).
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Outer Continental Shelf: Oil and Gas Leasing and Revenue (6/23/99 ~ 8p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) The Natural Resources and Environment Function in the FY2000 Federal Budget:
A Description of Programs and Funding
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Roadless Areas: The Administration's Moratorium (4/8/99~6p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Conservation Reserve Program: Status and Current Issues (1/5/99~6p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Federal Land and Resource Management: A Primer (12/22/98 ~ 5p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Federal Sales of Natural Resources: Pricing and Allocation Mechanisms (1998) (12/11/98 ~ 6p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Wilderness Laws: Prohibited and Permitted Uses (10/9/98~5p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) The Natural Resources and Environment Function in the FY1999 Budget:(10/6/98)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) A Description of Programs and Funding (8/7/98~6 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) American Heritage Rivers (8/3/98~5p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) World Heritage Convention and U.S. National Parks (7/29/98~2 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Conservation Reserve Program - Preliminary Results from the 15th Signup (4/18/97~6p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Conservation Reserve Program: Status and Policy Issues (2/24/97~6p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Federal Sales of Natural Resources:Allocation and Pricing Systems (1/3/97~6p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) The Federal Helium Program: The Reaction Over An Inert Gas (10/9/96 ~ 6 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Auburn Dam on the American River: Fact Sheet (6/6/96 ~ 2 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Great Lakes Water Quality: Current Issues (5/17/96 ~ 6 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) An Introduction to Major Natural Resource Issues in the 104th Congress (1/30/96 ~ 26 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Land and Water Conservation Fund: Current Funding (9/13/95 ~ 2 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Major Federal Land Management Agencies: Management of Our Nation's Lands and Resources (5/15/95 ~ 45 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Antarctica: Environmental Protection, Research, and Conservation of Resources (4/5/95 ~ 8 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Bureau of Land Management Authorization (3/27/95 ~ 5 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: Living Resources Provisions (12/19/94 ~ 6 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Wilderness: Overview and Statistics (12/2/94 ~ 17 p.)
diamond.gif (870 bytes) Acid Rain, Air Pollution and Forest Decline (10/12/90~8p.)

Type of Resource Article
Title The Population-Environment Report
Author David Berger
Affiliation Sabal Palm Grove Sanctuary, National Audubon Society
Url http://www.greenbuilder.com/mader/ecotravel/border/aud94.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Publication of Sabal Palm Grove Sanctuary of the National Audubon Society, a U.S. environmental organization. Describes a program that promotes sustainable development along both sides of the U.S./Mexico border with the goal of preserving habitat while improving the human environment. Addresses migration in the region.

Type of Resource Report
Title World Resources 1996-97
Author World Resources Institute
Affiliation World Resources Institute for the United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environment Programme, and the World
Url http://www.wri.org/wr-96-97/96tocful.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract A primary reference volume on global environmental and natural resource conditions and trends for the United Nations, World Bank, and related international organizations. Includes:

Type of Resource Article
Title Policy Changes Needed to Meet Threats to Land and Water
Author 2020 VISION News & Views, July 1995
Affiliation International Food Policy Research Institute
Url http://www.cgiar.org/ifpri/2020/newslet/nv_0795/nv_0795e.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "Soil and water are the basic natural resources on which agriculture depends, and both are expected to come under serious pressure as the world population rises toward a projected total of 8 billion over the next 25 years. As the demand for water mounts, competition for water among agricultural, industrial, and residential purposes will increase within countries, and tensions between countries that share water basins could escalate into open conflict."

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