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Type of Resource Article
Author Unknown
Affiliation National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration
Url http://www.yoto98.noaa.gov/yoto/meeting/energy_316.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of domestic ocean energy and mineral1 resources to the national economy and welfare. For example, although technological advances continue to enhance cost-effective recovery of ocean oil and gas resources, long-term development should be considered within a national energy policy that balances concern for the environment with energy security for present and future generations. Many resource development issues remain to be discussed among all stakeholders—federal, state, and local governments, industry, and the general public. Among these issues are Outer Continental Shelf leasing moratoria, royalty relief, revenue sharing with and impact assistance to coastal states, marine mineral mining, and environmental protection. It is important that stakeholders be actively involved in the process so that these important ocean resources are developed in a reliable, safe, and environmentally sound manner."



Type of Resource Article
Title ASARCO: Mining, Metals and You - Expanding Demand
Author Marjorie Ann Browne
Affiliation American Smelting and Refining Company
Url http://www.asarco.com/MiningMetals/ed.html
Peer Review Unknonw Review Process
Abstract An article which outlines consummer driven demand within the mining industry.  Includes statistical information pertaining to the lifetime energy consumption levels for the average newborn infant in the US.
Type of Resource Nontechnical Report
Title Law of the Sea: the International Seabed Authority -- Its Status and U.S. Participation Therein
Author Marjorie Ann Browne
Affiliation Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Url http://www.cnie.org/nle/pop-1.html
Peer Review Internal Review Process
Abstract 1996 report prepared as a briefing document for the U.S. Congress. "The 1982 U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, as amended by the 1994 Agreement Relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the U.N. Convention, entered into force, on November 16, 1994. That action initiated establishment of the International Seabed Authority (ISA), composed of all States parties to the Convention, to administer the seabed mining regime set forth in the Convention/Agreement. While the United States is not a party to the Convention, it signed the 1994 Agreement, enabling it to apply provisionally the seabed related portions of the Convention/Agreement and to participate in the work of the ISA. During 1995 and 1996, the ISA met and formally organized itself, electing members of its major bodies."

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