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How population effects the water quality and life of rivers and streams, and how the presence and quality of rivers effect people.

Type of Resource Journal
Title People and the Planet - Rivers of Life
Author Various
Affiliation Published by "Planet 21"
Url http://www.oneworld.org/patp/previous.html
Peer Review No
Abstract Journal with articles contributed various authors with different affiliations. Volume 5-3 (Fall 1996 issue) on Rivers of Life includes:
Introduction: A warning of water wars
Overview: Sharing the Rivers by Sandra Postel, Global Water Policy Project, Amherst,
Massachusetts, USA,
Must the Mekong Die? by Nantiya Tangwisutijit, The Nation newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand
Troubled Waters of Eden by Daniell Hillel, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Filthy Flows the Ganga by Darryl D'Monte, Indian Federation of Environmental Journalists
Bangladesh: Waiting for a Miracle by Inam Ahmed and Aasha Mehreen Amin, Daily Star in newspaper, Bangladesh
The River of our Life by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Water: use more save more by Bishkam Gujja, World Wildlife Federation, International, Gland, Switzerland

Type of Resource Article
Title Biodiversity in Freshwater Ecosystems
Author World Resources Institute
Affiliation World Resources Institute
Url http://www.wri.org/biodiv/b03-gbs.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "Freshwaters are also home to a tremendous diversity of fish, amphibians, aquatic plants, invertebrates, and microorganisms. The Amazon River alone contains an estimated 3000 species of fish--only 25 percent less than the total number of mammals worldwide. And freshwater biodiversity is among the most poorly known on Earth. Scientists believe that Thailand may have as many as 1000 species of freshwater fish, but only some 475 have actually .."

Type of Resource Map
Title Watersheds of the World
Author World Resources   Institute
Affiliation World Resources Institute
Url http://www.wri.org/wri/enved/trends/wtr-8a.html
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Map

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