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Last updated: 04/13/00
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In some cases, the scarcity of high quality freshwater resources relative to human demand contributes to conflicts between people.





Type of Resource Article
Title Water and Human Security
Author Aaron T. Wolf
Affiliation Global Environmental Change and Human Security Project
Url http://www.gechs.org/aviso/Aviso3Eng.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract Offers an introduction to water conflict issues highlighting growth in water usage and demand for freshwater resources: "The scarcity of water in arid and semi-arid environments leads to intense political pressures, often referred to as “water stress.” Furthermore, water ignores political boun­daries, evades institutional class­ification, and eludes legal generalizations."

Type of Resource Article
Title Policy Changes Needed to Meet Threats to Land and Water
Author 2020 VISION News & Views, July 1995
Affiliation International Food Policy Research Institute
Url http://www.cgiar.org/ifpri/2020/newslet/nv_0795/nv_0795e.htm
Peer Review Unknown Review Process
Abstract "Soil and water are the basic natural resources on which agriculture depends, and both are expected to come under serious pressure as the world population rises toward a projected total of 8 billion over the next 25 years. As the demand for water mounts, competition for water among agricultural, industrial, and residential purposes will increase within countries, and tensions between countries that share water basins could escalate into open conflict."

Type of Resource Report (part of)
Title Water and Conflict
Author Robert Engleman and Pamela LeRoy
Affiliation Population Action International
Url http://www.cnie.org/pop/pai/water-25.html
Peer Review Independent Peer-Review Process
Abstract Part of a 1993 report by a U.S.-based advocacy group which addresses fresh water resources and their relationship to population, health and development. Strategies and regional examples are discussed.

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